Dean of the Faculty of Sciences AUTH has been elected for the years 2014-2018 and 2018-2021 the Professor of the School of Biology Mr. Chariton-Charles Chintiroglou.


Chariton-Charles Chintiroglou, Professor, School of Biology, A.U.Th.

Office: Building of Secretariat's Offices of Faculty of Sciences, 1st Floor

Τel: 2310-998010, Fax: 2310-998022




The Deanship composition for the academic year 2020-2021 is:

Dean: Chariton-Charles Chintiroglou, Professor

Head of School of Physics: Dimitrios Melas, Professor

Head of School of Mathematics: Dimitrios Poulakis, Professor

Head of School of Biology: Minas Yiangou, Professor

Head of School of Chemistry: Panagiotis Spathis, Professor

Head of School of Geology: Konstantinos Papazaxos, Professor

Head of School of Informatics: Eleftherios Angelis, Professor

Student Representative: Not yet defined

EDIP Repsesentative: Thomas Makedon

ETEP Representative: Georgios Galariniotis



The General Assembly of the Faculty consists of the members of

1. Educational Research Personel of the Faculty

2. EDIP Representative: Makedon Thomas

3. ETEP Representative: Georgios Galariniotis

4. Student Representative: Not defined yet