People with special needs

1) Horizontal Accessibility (Angled Levels-Doors)

There are sloping levels of access to the ground floor of all buildings of the Faculty, ie:

a) For the building complex of a former FMS from Chemistry Square (Metal and Concrete) from the building of Biology and Ethnikis Aminis Street (Concrete),

b) For the  building of Biology from both entrances (concrete),

c) For the Building of Chemistry from the Chemistry Square (Concrete) and from the 1st horizontal route (Ethnikis Aminis Street -> 3rd September Street) of the Campus (Concrete).

The above approaches need further improvement concerning the inclinations (Ethnikis Aminis Street -> FSM) as well as the final surface.


2) Vertical Accessibility (Anchors-Elevators-Scales)

For the vertical access to the above buildings there are respectively:

a) Two lifts (vertical and scale) at its entrance for access to its west side and one (scale) access to the underground amphitheater on the same side. Unobstructed access is also provided to the other side of the ground floor.

b) There is a lift for access to all floors.

c) There is a lift for access to all floors.

The operation of the above lifts has been indicated to the concierge and guardian of the respective building complexes by the contractor maintenance company, while the necessary operating keys and remote controls are available, except from the above staff, to the central congress of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in case of emergency.

In any case, the contractor company undertakes to solve any related problem by calling the phone numbers provided on the lifts.

It is reminded that the lifts have all the current safety and operating requirements.

3) Toilets for Disabled People

At present, lavatories for the people with special needs are operated in the respective buildings as follows:

a) On the ground floor of the new building of the former FMS,

b) On the semi-floor of the building of Biology

c) On the 1st floor of the building of Biology

For further information on relevant issues you can also contact the following e-mail addresses of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: (Disabled Accessibility Office)